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A Pirate and a Mermaid met a Alligator at a Engagement Party .... "This does not happen everyday!"

If you have ever worked with Cassie Howard or seen any of her Wedding/and Event Productions you know when she contacts you about a event it is going to be something special. A request for Mermaids and Pirates is pretty normal for us, however having one of our Mermaids hired as entertainment to sit amongst a Alligator, Boa and a Baboon at a Engagement Party at a Luxury Beachfront Estate in January was not the phone call I expected. HB MERMAIDS was thrilled to help in the Mermaid Selection process!

Cassie had even hired a VERY GOOD Jack Sparrow Impersonator who was amazing to compliment! HB Mermaids sent Mermaid Callie with her real life Pirate Mertender to compliment the look of the Party. The Professional hired Talent and Animals were a huge hit!

okay a Little about "Cassie the Wedding Planner!"

After working with Cassie for some many years ago. Cassie just informed me that I was her very first Wedding she had booked! Seriously I have worked in the Industry for many mermaid years and Cassie just made it seem Simple "Weddings made SIMPLE". A Natural! One can not help but 100% agree her easy going super sweet style is trademarked to her event styling. Don't let that cute little face fool you! She is at the top of her profession and does not miss a beat! She seriously had to part the storms in January and go to a "Plan B" and it didn't even phase her. This was a Engagement Party to remember and definitely one for the books! One could not help but notice the Talents of Ice Bulb who she enlisted to design a beautiful Mermaid Ice Luge Sculpture! We couldn't help but fall in love with this! One day when HB Mermaids has their official LAUNCH party Mermaid Flower will SPLURGE! The ICE ARTIST as he should be referred to!

This engagement party also included friend and owner the super talented Jaime Davis owner of Jaime Davis Photography. What a small world! It was just a couple years ago that Jaime was Maid of Honor at her best friends wedding which was actually one of the last weddings I did flowers for back when Mermaid Flower owned a Flower Company on land and not at Sea! Jaime had to put her camera down and enjoy the Wedding which she did just that! Cassie captured the forever moments in her memory! I know she wanted to shoot her best friends wedding so bad you could see it in her eyes! Just a little inside about a few of the fabulous vendors that are part of Cassie's creativity and amazing Team! Jaime's Wedding Photography is absolutely stunning and she has a awesome dedicated crew to work with! She takes each wedding very personal! I highly recommend her as your Wedding Photographer of Choice!

Definitely a great way to start off January 2017! Thankyou again Cassie! This is the Year of Mermaids and Pirates! Many of you are aware of the very soon to be released Pirates of the Caribbean new Sequel "Dead Men Tell No Tales" We are very honored to have our Company, HB Mermaids represented as one of Events by Cassie's hired Vendors and share what we can offer to your next event!

HB Mermaids has several upcoming Mermaid and Pirate Themed Events and taking bookings daily as summer is approaching and we are very excited for Summer Events! Those of you in the "Early Planning Stages" when designing your event take time to hire a experienced and seasoned planner. This is the key to a successful event. You can then enjoy the planning of your Special Occasion. If your Planner is Cassie Howard you are in luck she can make Grey Clouds go away and the skies turn Blue! So HB Mermaids would like to give Cassie a Big Shout out!

We also thought it would be fun to ask Cassie a couple of fun questions so you could get to know her better! So here you go!

a little "Events by Cassie" Trivia

from The HB Grotto just for you!

Cassie what is your Favorite Engagement Party

you have done with Pirates and Mermaids?

Courtney & Cole’s Party is one for the books! Their fun, creative style allowed me to work with entertainers such as your self, in addition to exotic animals, a Captain Jack impersonator and a mermaid Ice Luge! They put me to work but it was SO MUCH fun!

Cassie how soon should a Client should call to book you for your services?

I prefer “As soon as possible” so we have as much time to work with and plan but better late than never! Having an event Manager to guide you through the planning process or to only just be there on the “day-of” will take so much pressure and stress off your shoulders.

Cassie how much do you love Baboons? The Baboon by far! I’ve been to South Africa and have seen these animals and how they behave in the wild – this guy was 100% domesticated. He made the guests laugh and was truly the highlight of the party!Cassie do you like Alligators?

Cassie do you like Pirates? You can never trust pirate, Arg! LOL

Cassie what made you decide to become a Event Planner?

I had to oversee large events and plan employee parties while working for Lexus 10 years ago. This became my favorite aspect of my job and when the economy crashed, I decided to go back to college and get certified in meeting and event management. As a part of the program, I enrolled in a Wedding Planning as a business course, and well, since then I never really looked back. I started Events by Cassie 5 years ago and have planned over 100 weddings and events.

Cassie do you love Unicorns? Lol, YES!!!


Cassie do you have homes that Client's can rent for Parties? Is there any advise you can give for Clients or Homeowner's wanting to plan a party in their backyard?Private Estate events are usually properties of the client or their relative - I don't have any homes I can personally rent to a client (I wish lol). Planning parties at your home takes a lot of pre-planning and preparation as you have to bring everything in such as rentals, catering, staff - you can't forget the house attendant and additional toilets! But my biggest advice, always get special event insurance through your home owners insurance just in case Murphy's Law decides to make an appearance on your event day.

Cassie will you ever swim in a Mermaid Tail with HB Mermaids?

I always wanted to be a mermaid growing up but to be honest, nowadays I absolutely hate cold water and swimming. I'd rather be on the beach or poolside soaking up the sun!

Cassie do you have magical powers? We hear you can make the rain go away!

I like that magical power! It would definitely save me time from having to executing plan b!

Cassie what is your Favorite Flower? Carnations and ranunculuses

Cassie do you have a Favorite Disney Character?

Ariel! The little mermaid was always and still is my favorite Disney movie. I love her curiosity and that she's an adventure seeker like me!

Cassie is there a Venue to do a Event at that is on your Bucket List?

This is a great question - I would love to work at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs. I love the aesthetic of the property and the option for an outdoor / indoor ceremony and reception.

Cassie if you were a Mermaid what would your Mermaid Name be?

Kai! I love this name (also one of my favorite body lotions) it means Hawaiian sea. Probably the only waters you can find me swimming in lol!

We have included a Pre-Selection of Photo's from Events by Cassie approved by Client for you to enjoy!

Have a Fintastic 2017 Summer! HB LOVE and remember Earth Day Every Day!

Keep on Swimming and follow HB Mermaids for our Pirate and Mermaid News and Updates coming Soon! Please keep us in mind for your next Special Event!

HB Mermaids has a Stunning Mermaid and Princess Character Entertainment Line-up for Summer along with Entertainers available for Film, Television, Print and Commercial Work! You can visit us by staying at the Hyatt Regency Resort this Summer or at one of our Partnered Aquatic Centers for Mermaid Camps!

Event Planner Events by Cassie

Photo's by Jaime Davis Photography

Ice Sculpture by Ice Bulb


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