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Belmont Pirate Invasion

This is a event you don't want to miss! I was surprised at how many people had said they never heard of the Pirate Invasion in Long Beach. Must have been a "Pirate Secret" The Pirate Invasion was a packed event! Pirates attending from all over the United States and

Mermaids being invited to join in at the encampment was a fun experience. I met Mermaids from Sacramento "The Sacramento Mermaids" and Mermaids from Orange County, LA County, San Diego County! Mermaids have been attending this event for many years gathering amidst the Pirates. I spoke with our own HB Mermaid, Mermaid Avalon who started going to this event as a Pirate at age 12 which was 10 years ago!

There were fun activities for the Kids including a Mermaid and Pirate Themed Activities! Colorful and FUN!

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