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HB MERMAIDS making a Splash

Huntington Beach longtime resident Mermaid Flower hits the beach with her Mermaid Friends and Family! Mermaids Flower ShellPhone rang and writer was referred to me by a resident Mermaid who had recently moved to our fine city. Reporter Brittany Woolsey inquired to write a story about Mermaids and my phone rang. When asked for an Interview I was more than happy to share my story, a little nervous all the same to be honest. I came out of my Grotto over the past couple years being sighted at several locations. Giving up my People Name and Pod name in the process of this underwater journey along the way.


S-hello to the world and here I am. HB Mermaids has been making several appearances over the past couple of years. Thankyou to Huntington Beach Independent writer for sharing a small insight into our lives. Living a Mermaid Life can be very tricky at times. You are always having to fix your tail and comb year hair with a thingamabob, and sing songs from the movie "The Little Mermaid". Constantly being asked if you are Ariel when you clearly do not look anything like her at all! HB MERMAIDS is a real life Mermaid Company. We are not Princess Party costumed Mermaids, however, we have not problem CoSplaying that part too. We are Mermaids who swim in elaborate Mermaid Tails made of Silicone or Full Sequin or Partial Mermaid Tails and our passion for the Sea and Conservation efforts is like no other. Thankyou to the Huntington Beach Independent for a awesome well written article. Our HB Mermaid Team enjoyed the Day and look forward to many more FUN Mermaid Day's ahead.


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