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What a journey this Mermaid is having! Teamed up with IMPACT FITNESS Personal Trainer pictured here Diane McCabe to get this Mermaid Booty in shape! Just so happens that for the past couple years this amazing women Diane McCabe has been walking her two beautiful adopted rescued Pit Bulls by my home and would stop by on occasions and say hello on their her Doggy Walk's with Tail's Wagging. One day we had a little more than "Paw Talk" and she told me about her sister in Hawaii and how she loved Mermaid's so I showed her my Mermaid Tails. Then I asked Diane what she did and she mentioned she was a Personal Trainer. Well I just happened to be looking into somehow hooking up with a Trainer. My Silicone Mermaid Tail weighs close to 45 lbs. Dry and Heavier Wet and I needed some FINE TUNING tightening up to keep up with my Tail! I am not a 20 Year old swimming around in a Tail and it takes strength and training to swim in these beautiful pieces of Art. Soooo long story short! Diane told me about her gym in Huntington Beach IMPACT FITNESS and I asked if I could give her gym a test drive. She had a couple days that could fit me in and there you have it I HAD A PERSONAL TRAINER! Combining a AWESOME group workout with my Mermaid Swim Routine at Waterworks Aquatic's is a WIN WIN and I am already seeing results! Diane is well aware of the areas I need to work on and is targeting everyone of them! If you want to join me just contact Diane at IMPACT FITNESS and get your Tail over there!

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